Competitions and program of the Five Lakes Film Festival (FSFF)

Seven films from German speaking countries, that have not yet been shown in theaters, compete for the FIVE LAKES FILM AWARD, sponsored by the District of Starnberg. The jury, anually rotated, consisting of filmmakers, representatives of the film industry, journalists and representatives of public and social institutions, decides on the winner.

An award given out by the Five Lakes Film Festival for special social commitment through motion pictures, sponsored by M.C. Veltrup-Immobilien GmbH.
The award for special social commitment through motion pictures: Five members of the jury grant the award to one of six new competing movies which are strongly commited to peace, freedom, justice, and a coherent relationship between human, animal, and nature.

First awarded in 2008. For a director’s first feature film or documentary. A jury of three already established young filmmakers decides on the winner.

The jury consists of young people and adults. The prize aims to support films treating with the matters and concerns of adolescents with a special focus on their visual language and its message to the target group.

SHORT FILM AWARD - \"The Golden Firefly\"
Viewers’ choice award. In this category films with a length UP TO 20 minutes are shown. The short films are mostly exercises and works by filmstudents and young German directors. We want to offer a stage for the first contact between the artist and his or her audience.

New German and international films
In this category we show the most recent German and international productions from festivals worldwide and international distribution programs as premiers or previews.

Children\'s film festival
The children’s and youth film festival is a platform for unknown German and international children’s and youth movies. It aims to redirect children’s and youths’ views toward cinema and its uniqueness. It is shown to parents, children and youths that there exists a broad and rich variety of films besides known children’s books adaptations and animated pictures, that revolve around first-hand experiences and the environment of children and young people in every corner of the world. The focus once again lies on Germany and Bavaria.

Every year the retrospective is dedicated to important epochs, certain genres or outstanding personalities of film history. In 2007 for example the retrospective covered the topic “Hotel Daheim”, including also an art exhibition. In 2008, it was dedicated to world-famous cinematographer Michael Ballhaus who also attended the festival for several days. Guest of honor 2009 was Oscar-winner Volker Schlöndorff who presented his productions to the festival audience.

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