Philipp Käßbohrer
DE 2010


25min., German

Walter lives together with his wife Helga isolated on a farm in northern Germany; rather they have drifted apart for some time now. After having the everyday breakfast Walter makes the last hay of the summer when he listens to the news on his tractor radio that a gigantic asteroid is approaching the earth in a great speed. Unfortunately, all attempts to avert the total destruction of mankind within 16 hours are in vain. He is uncertain how to tell his wife and decides for his own sake to conceal the end of the world from her. Trapped by his own lie Walter gradually remembers his almost forgotten love for his wife and is determined to celebrate the nicest last day on earth for her....

Script: Philipp Käßbohrer
Camera: Jakob Beurle
Editor: Philipp Käßbohrer, Jakob Beurle
Actors: Karin Graf, Gernot Hertel

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Dieser Film läuft zur Zeit in keinem der Breitwand-Kinos