Marie Kreutzer
AT 2011

Die Vaterlosen

105 min., German

They never expected Kyra to turn up again. The two brothers and their sister, brought together when their father dies, are stunned by the appearance of their sister.Kyra suddenly vanished over twenty years ago during the breakup of the hippie commune where they were all born. She is like a stranger to them now... but when she discovers that her very existence has been kept secret, she starts to uncover old mysteries. And soon all the brothers and sisters find themselves unearthing the roots of their childhood memories they had suppressed in order to survive. In her debut feature film Marie Kreutzer embarks upon an intriguing and disturbing journey into the past, a gripping study of belonging and solitude, bonds and freedom.

Script: Marie Kreutzer
Camera: Leena Koppe
Editor: Ulrike Kofler
Actors: Philipp Hochmair, Emily Cox, Andreas Kiendl, Andrea Wenzl,
Johannes Krisch, Marion Mitterhammer, Sami Loris



Die Vaterlosen
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Dieser Film läuft zur Zeit in keinem der Breitwand-Kinos