Das weisse Band

Das weisse Band

Land: DE/AT
Jahr: 2009
Regie: Michael Haneke
Kamera: Christian Berger
Drehbuch: Michael Haneke
Darsteller: Christian Friedel, Ulrich Tukur, Burghart Klaußner, Josef Bierbichler;
Länge: 151 min.

A complex and fascinating psychogram of a village society before the outbreak of the Second World War in captivating black and white:
Early summer 1913: A village and its inhabitants - the midwife, the priest, the doctor and the baron. The envy and envy that thrive in the surroundings can be clearly felt. They will lead to seemingly inexplicable acts. The title-giving white ribbon stands for corporal punishment even within the close family circle in a climate of oppression and contempt, abuse and abuse as well as frustration and emotional distance.
Ulrich Tukur plays the baron here, who does not want to interfere in the events in the village.
Winner in Cannes 2009, proposed as German OSCAR entry 2010 for the best foreign language film.

Regie: Michael Haneke

Zur Zeit läuft dieser Film in keinem der Breitwandkinos