Amarcord OmU


Land: IT
Jahr: 1973
Regie: Federico Fellini
Kamera: Guiseppe Rotunno
Drehbuch: Tonino Guerra
Darsteller: Bruno Zanin, Magali Noel
Länge: 120 min.

A series of comedic and nostalgic vignettes set in a 1930s Italian coastal town.

In an Italian seaside town, young Titta (Bruno Zanin) gets into trouble with his friends and watches various local eccentrics as they engage in often absurd behavior. Frequently clashing with his stern father (Armando Brancia) and defended by his doting mother (Pupella Maggio), Titta witnesses the actions of a wide range of characters, from his extended family to Fascist loyalists to sensual women, with certain moments shifting into fantastical scenarios.

Regie: Federico Fellini

Zur Zeit läuft dieser Film in keinem der Breitwandkinos