1. Wunderbare Kulisse am Wörthsee

  2. Open Air Kino im Seebad Starnberg

  3. Traumhafte Open-Air-Spielstätten wie hier direkt am Wörthsee-Ufer

  4. Abendstimmung am Starnberger See bei der Verleihung des DACHS-Drehbuchpreises im Ruderclub Starnberg

  5. Kinoleinwand direkt am Starnberger See und Wörthsee

from 2007 to 2015 - New Horizons

History Of The Five Lakes Film Festival

The Five Lakes Film Festival ("Fünf Seen Filmfestival", FSFF) since 2007 invites - always at the end of July / beginning of August - film makers and lovers to the summery Five Lake County, to beautifully situated localities near the five upper-Bavarian lakes Starnberger See, Ammersee, Pilsensee, Wörthsee and Weßlinger See, about 30 kilometres southwest of Munich: to the venues Starnberg, Seefeld, Herrsching, Hochstadt and Weßling, to Steinebach am Wörthsee, since 2012 also to Dießen and since 2014 to Landsberg/Lech.

The festival owes its vibrant and largely very popular nature to the open-minded and widely interested audience. It is of course also helpful that there are every year more and more reputable film makers attending the festival and taking part in profound and personal discussions with the audience.

The Five Lakes Film Festival has its roots in a Short Film-Open-Air-Festival in 1999, which later developed to a Children’s-Film-Festival and then to the Three-Lakes-Festival.
The circumstance that there were more and more outstanding films which, out of different reasons, weren’t shown in German cinemas or sometimes not even on upper-Bavarian film festival screens, sparked 2007 the idea to start an own film festival.

Because of its huge success in the first year, the festival team was able to invite Michael Ballhaus as the guest of honour in 2008. It’s due to his presence that the Five Lakes Festival’s extraordinary programme got even more attention.

The third film festival in 2009 was themed "in depth-undiscovered-lively" and managed a growth of audiences of 50 %, mainly because of its extended programme with now 100 films and the guest of honour Volker Schlöndorff.
In 2010 the FSFF showed again 100 short and feature films, added some more venues and two Open-Air-cinemas as well as an Open-Air-screening on a moving steamboat on the Starnberger See and could win with Armin Mueller-Stahl a great artist as guest of honour.
Once again the number of visitors increased 50 % to 10.000 people. 10.000 attendants who did not watch mainstream but films with themes, qualities, stories and pictures.
The year after the festival developed again in several areas: more venues were added, there were 334 screenings in total, guest of honour Hannelore Elsner attended the festival and spontaneously stayed longer than originally planned, the number of visitors grew around 20 % to 12.000 guests.
Thereby the Five Lakes Festival became the second largest film festival in South-Germany in only five years and enthuses in equal measure attendants and industry-insiders with its wide-ranging, carefully selected and therefore highly qualified programme.

In 2013 the festival welcomed guest of honour Wolfgang Kohlhaase, the most important German screenplay writer in the last 50 years, who attended the Five Lake Festival for a whole week and provided on multiple occasions like “focus screenplay” an insight into his fascinating work.
Since this year the FSFF has respectively changing partner countries. The section “7 rooms, 7 arts” was established as well.

The next year oscar-winning Wim Wenders became guest of honour at the Five Lakes Film Festival and got very personal in numerous film-discussions. The 2014 newly launched film series “In memoriam” should remember screenland’s personalities who died in the past year.
Thanks to the guest of honour and the selected programme the number of visitors grew once again to a total of 17.000 people.

From 2015 on the festival’s main competition, the Five-Lakes-Award, was opened for movies from all around the world. So far the emphasis has been on the newest regional feature films from between the Danube and the Adriatic Sea, especially Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2015 there were now also films from Québec, Russia, Azerbaijan and India in the main competition.
Furthermore the award “Five Lakes Newcomers” was newly established, where the best first or second movies from German, Austrian or Swiss directors get awarded.
Also in 2015 the director Michael Verhoeven attended the Five Lakes Film Festival as guest of honour and director and actor Karl Markovics from Austria as Special Guest. Incredible 19.000 attendants in this year appreciated the special atmosphere of the festival.

The 10th Five Lakes Film Festival will take place from the 27th of July to the 7th of August 2016. We are looking forward to an exciting festival with 150 feature, short films and documentaries with numerous film makers and an all-around interested audience.