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Ehrengast Michael Verhoeven

Special Guest Karl Markovics

Prominente Gäste auf dem Fünf Seen Filmfestival

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Uraufführungen, internationale Premieren, Deutschlandpremieren, Bayernpremieren

Fokus Drehbuch - einzigartig in Deutschland

7 Räume 7 Künste

Gastländer Québec & Taiwan, Partnerland Indien

Filmgespräch am See: Realität und Fiktion – Verfilmte Zeitgeschichte(n)


The Five Lakes Film Festival

New Horizons

Since 2007 invite the Five Lakes Film Festival (FSFF) in late July / early August, all filmmakers and film enthusiasts to Starnberg, Seefeld, Herrsching, Hochstadt and Wessling, since 2012 also to Dießen and since 2014 even to Landsberg/Lech, to beautifully situated villages at the five Upper Bavarian Lakes: lake Starnbergersee, lake Ammersee, ake Pilsensee, lake Wörthsee and lake Wesslinger See, approximately 30 kilometres south-west of Munich.

With over 100 films not yet shown on cinema screen at over 300 performances the Five Lakes Film Festival has become one of the largest film festivals in Bavaria within five years.
Focus of the festival are the latest films and documentaries from the region between the river Danube and the Adriatic Sea, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2011 is the FSFF with over 20 productions from Switzerland the film festival with the most Swiss films outside of Switzerland.

The FSFF offers a contest for the Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, the best Medium-Length film and best Short film. In addition, it gives the Horizon award for the film that deals most with the graceful coexistence of society. The selected films must have been produced in the region between the Danube River and Adriatic Sea. The corresponding juries chooses the respective winners.

Besides that, the FSFF presents in the Audience award movies from festivals around the world, the winner will be honoured with the promotion of a film copy. Open air performances and a retrospective round up the festival.

The retrospectives were previously dedicated to Wim Wenders (2014), Wolfgang Kohlhaase (2013), Ulrich Tukur and Fredi Murer (2012), Hannelore Elsner and Alain Tanner ( 2011), Armin Mueller-Stahl (2010 ), Oscar-winner Volker Schlöndorff (2009) and the OSCAR-nominated cinematographer Michael Ballhaus (2008 ).

The vital and widely popular character of the festival owes its open and multi-layered interested audience that filmmakers like Tom Tykwer, Volker Schlöndorff , Armin Mueller-Stahl, Mikhail Kalatozishvili , Rosa von Praunheim , Peter Schamoni , Caroline Link , Dominik Graf, Markus H. Rose Mueller, Götz Spielmann , Hans Steinbichler, Aleksej Fedorchenko , Fridrik Thor Fred Eriksson, Stratos Tzitzis and many others have attended out the festival. Since 2012 also a special guest is honoured; in 2014 Wim Wenders!

As of 2013, the Five Lakes Film Festival has a changing Partner country each year; in 2014 Canada. In addition, the section “7 rooms / 7 arts” was introduced. On top, the French film enjoys annually through the partnership of the cities Starnberg and Dinard high priority.

2015 the FSFF will be held from 29.07.2015 to 08.09.2015