1. Wunderbare Kulisse am Wörthsee

  2. Open Air Kino im Seebad Starnberg

  3. Traumhafte Open-Air-Spielstätten wie hier direkt am Wörthsee-Ufer

  4. Abendstimmung am Starnberger See bei der Verleihung des DACHS-Drehbuchpreises im Ruderclub Starnberg

  5. Kinoleinwand direkt am Starnberger See und Wörthsee


Young cinema by young people about young people. Films from film schools and young cinema, which is seeking its way against the mainstream with its own, partially tough stories.
Personal films are also the focus this year, from the perspective of the child in DAS UMÖGLICHE BILD and DIE TOCHTER about the secrets of parents or the own family. In VANATOARE, HOME IS HERE, or I AM TRULY A DROP OF SUN ON EARTH, it is about the marginalized youth. Politically fighting, five directors in PERIPHERIE are looking for a way out, a position and a quality, which the son in the low-budget-promoted comedy THE NAKED HATS find surprisingly and unexpectedly.
Common to all films are wide-ranging questions concerning the future as well as the world. They create hope for the film and the cinema.
The FSFF Perspective Prize is awarded by the City of Starnberg and is endowed with 3000, - Euro.

Pate der Filmreihe