1. Wunderbare Kulisse am Wörthsee

  2. Open Air Kino im Seebad Starnberg

  3. Traumhafte Open-Air-Spielstätten wie hier direkt am Wörthsee-Ufer

  4. Abendstimmung am Starnberger See bei der Verleihung des DACHS-Drehbuchpreises im Ruderclub Starnberg

  5. Kinoleinwand direkt am Starnberger See und Wörthsee


Documentaries are becoming more and more important in an ever-changing world with a lack of transparency. What makes a good documentary? In which direction does it go? Two documentaries radically take their own story as an occasion for a cinematic perspective this year. UNTEN and LIEBES ICH begin with their own questions and try to explain the processes of this world.
CALABRIA, SECONDO ME, and TITITA find protagonists which may not be so striking at first glance, but then show the whole richness of life.
UNTITLED and SPIRA MIRABILIS finally try to take on new paths regarding the form and answer philosophical questions in life, namely immortality or absolute freedom.

The Kreissparkasse München-Starnberg-Ebersberg is once again sponsoring the documentary prize, endowed with 3000 Euro.