1. Dampferfahrt und Kurzfilmpreis-Verleihung auf der MS Starnberg, FSFF 2018 (© Jörg Reuther)

  2. PREISTRÄGER der Filmpreise 2018: Ascan Breuer, Eike Goreczka, Arpad Bogdan, Matjaz Ivanisin, Gregor Bozic, Xavier Chotard (© Jörg Reuther)

  3. Abschlussfeier und Verleihung der Filmpreise in der Schlossberghalle Starnberg, FSFF 2018 (© Jörg Reuther)

  4. Verleihung des DACHS-DREHBUCHPREISES, FSFF 2018 (© Pavel Broz)

  5. Kino Breitwand Starnberg, FSFF 2018 (© Pavel Broz)

  6. Dampferfahrt und Kurzfilmpreis-Verleihung auf der MS Starnberg, FSFF 2018 (© Pavel Broz)

  7. Eröffnungsfilm STYX mit Marieke Oeffinger, Drehbuchautorin Ika Künzel und Matthias Helwig, FSFF 2018 (© Pavel Broz)


The best feature film productions from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the host country Hungary are part of the main competition of the 11th Fünf Seen Filmfestival this year. In doing so, different styles and approaches come together. The attitudes are almost archaic in ANISHOARA and DIE EINSIEDLER, which consider one year of growing up in Moldavia and an alpine farmhouse family high in the mountains respectively. FINSTERES GLÜCK and DIE BESTE ALLER WELTEN are about children with fatal destinies – one film was created by a renowned director and one by a student at a film university. The two contributions of the host country Hungary DER BÜRGER and IT'S NOT THE TIME OF MY LIFE are concerned with society, immigration and naturalization on the one hand, and personal possibilities in today's middle class on the other. The genre thriller DIE NILE HILTON AFFÄRE summarizes these stories, the political aspect in the Egyptian revolution and the personal responsibility in the actions of a policeman. The FSFF prize of 5000, - Euro is donated by the district of Starnberg.